How a Water Softener Works

A water softener works by removing the components of limescale from your water completely and flushing them away so that they cannot cause damage to your home or harm to your family.
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How it works

Your water softener should be installed as close to your main stopcock as possible so that your hard water coming in passes through the ion exchange resin beads. These resin beads remove the hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) from your water permanently making your water soft.

Once the resin bed becomes full of the hardness minerals, the water softener cleans it. This process is known as regeneration. The salt that you put in will create a brine solution and this is used during the regeneration process to clean the resin beads and then it is rinsed away so that there is no salt remaining.

Your water softener will go through this process on a regular basis and you may hear it making a quiet whooshing sound and see some water running out to the drain from the hoses. This may take up to an hour but with more modern units it is often much quicker.

You just need to keep the salt topped up so that it can continue to create the brine solution. Some water softeners will remind you when your salt is running low but if you forget it will not harm your softener, you will just revert to hard water. Top it up again and you will  soon get back to lovely soft water.

Why should I have a water softener?

Hard water

Restricts pipework and causes flow problems

Fur’s up kettles, blocks showers

Slows down heat transfer within pipework and uses energy

Marks and damages taps, sinks and showers screens

Damages appliances and lessens lifespan

Aggravates skin conditions

Requires more detergent to create lather

Requires harsher cleaning methods

Creates a film on hot drinks

Soft water

Reduces and clears pipework to allow free flow

Removes existing limescale and keep scale free

Leaves pipework free for efficient heat transfer and uses less energy

Removes marking and prevents damage

Kinder to skin and hair

Less detergent better for skin, environment and wallet

Less marking and soap scum = less cleaning

Removes existing scale and keeps everything scale free

Benefits of Filtered Water

A water filter provides the clearest water for your home, on demand straight from your tap. Removing impurities and chemicals including chlorine, the biggest factor that determines better taste and better cooking, improving the quality of your water throughout your home

Bottled Water Facts

Producing and delivering bottled water can create hundreds of times more harmful greenhouse gas compared to tap water.Bottled water can be very costly With the average Briton drinking 37.6 litres of bottled water a year, bottled water suddenly seems like an unnecessarily expensive option – particularly at a time when household budgets are squeezed.

Whats in my Water?

Although tap water in the UK is of a very good quality, why wouldn’t you want to give yourself and your family the best? There are many unwanted items in your drinking water which given the choice, you may not want to drink:

Chlorine often added to your water by your local water provider. It disinfects the water but can leave it with a nasty taste and smell. Limescale If you live in a hard water area calcium and magnesium will be present which you’ll see on the top of your tea & coffee as scum and as flakes of chalky scale in your kettle.Viruses & BacteriaColiform and E coli are some of the most common types of bacteria found in the water supply. Some can be harmless but others can cause gastrointestinal problems

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