External Frost Protection Cabinet


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The external water softener frost protection cabinet is ideal to protect your Kinetico or Harveys block salt water softener and all standard block salt models from extreme temperatures, when fitted outside (down to -10°C).

  • Ideal when kitchen cupboard space is tight.
  • Enables water softener to be fitted outside.
  • No ongoing maintenance compared to wooden cabinets.
  • Much more cost effective than aluminium cabinets
  • The inside of the Frost-Free Cabinet is lined with 1in/2.5cm Celotex insulation.
  • The insulation keeps the cold out while allowing the heat escaping the building to enter through the rear. This simple and effective dual method the softener contents is prevented from freezing. Similarly, during the summer, the same process protects the softener from heat and humidity.
  • Available in black or beige to suit garden/home exterior.

Internal Dimensions: h 515mm x w 518mm x d 335mm

External Dimensions: h 595mm x w 610mm x d 390mm

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Beige, Black